If content is king, video is god—the king of king. Of all the forms content comes in, video is the most effective way to sell your story. Video is king and cha-ching!

Why are online video ads better than anything else when it comes to do whatever’s necessary to turn people into customers? Because video is the most engaging marketing medium available.

It is the most powerful medium that exists. It is more powerful than painting, sculpture, ballet or any other medium you can think of—especially flag signals or morse code. Video’s nearest competitors are photography, literature, music, and theater; and video is indisputably more powerful than these because video is all of these mediums combined.

In creating any advertisement, you have only three basic tools:

1) Text (letters and numbers);

2) Visuals (photos and graphics); and

3) Audio (music, voice over, and sound).

Any one of these by themselves can be engaging; ads that solely use text still exist, and radio advertising (only audio) isn’t going anywhere. Most of advertising consists primarily of brands combining images and text: billboards, banner ads, and Facebook ads. But when all three tools are used together, there is synergy. Suddenly you have something more than text, visuals, and audio. Instead of tools, you have a weapon with magical powers: VIDEO.

Good video ads show how powerful text, visuals and audio can be together. Imagine print ad—pictures using the same text, but without the accompanying audio and music—not quite as thrilling, is it? It doesn’t move you, because it doesn’t move! Try to imagine what a radio version of this ad would be. It’d have to be pretty explain and that’d kill the thrill too. Video on the other hand—even a video as simple as this one—excited people!

Of course, the best billboards and radio ads can still be more engaging than the worst videos. Skillfully done, however, the video will win every time. Unskillfully done, the video will win much of the time. Stats from eBay prove this. Videos on eBay showcasing items auctioned aren’t professionally produced, high quality videos; they’re handheld, homemade videos. Yet what happens to traffic with auctions where there is a video, compared to auctions with just text and images? When there’s video, traffic increases by 35-40%!

Bottom line, create video ads to generate a better return on investment. Give us a call and we’ll help you create viral video ads to grow your business.