The Poo Pourri Commercial is a textbook example of how video marketing done right can go viral which then can lead to an increase in sales. Poo Pourri was a $10 million company before the video and jumped to a $30 million company shortly after the commercial.

On YouTube alone, the Poo Pourri ad has generated over 40 million views, 99 thousand likes, and almost 11,000 comments. It has become so popular that Google’s Keyword Planner tool tells us that the phrases “poo pourri ad”, “poo pourri commercial” and “poo pourri video” are now searched for over 1,000 times a month on average.

The best types of commercials are highly entertaining causing viewers to engage with the content by either leaving a comment or sharing with their friends or hitting the like button, all while convincing customers to purchase the product. Below are some real comments from youtube that prove that this commercial is doing a spectacular job.

“whoever wrote this script was a genius”

“Most commercials stink, but not this one!”

“a year later and it still kills me”

“this is the best commercial in history”

“PooPourri Ads are the only Ads that I’ve enjoyed watching. Can’t stop laughing. XD”

“Absolutely, without question, funniest commercial ever created! The visual aids take this one straight over the top! I had to share it on facebook!”

“The ONLY youtube ad I don’t skip. :)”

“Friggin GENIUS marketing and HILARIOUS!”

“and now i am watching all of their ads 🙂 gonna buy this product”

“I’m going to buy this product!”

“These commercials are a riot! LOL!”

“I’m sold!”

“This is one of the best marketing videos I’ve ever seen. I usually skip Youtube ads after the first 5-10 seconds, but I found myself watching this entire ad then clicking through to order a free sample. And all of this from someone who NEVERS watches commercials.”

“I agree I never watch more than 5 sec of a commercial lol!! I clicked the add to order the free sample too. When she kick the bathroom door open and started talking I was all ears.”

“OMG me too! I was all ready to click the skip the ad button and I couldn’t. I was too captivated. LOL”

“I bought the product before the commercial was over :)”

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