Ads are more often praised for their supposed “creativity” than their actual impact on sales, or ability to change viewers’ brand preference. Unfortunately, this often leads to defining videos’ success by views or shares earned, which are not terribly meaningful if the videos don’t also earn dollars. Yet Ackermania’s angle of “creating videos that are not only entertaining, but are also geared for conversion” is fairly unique in the current advertising world.

Ad Age recognized this in its review of Ackermania’s Christmas ad “Even Santa Poops” for Poo-Pourri. Here’s what Ad Age said in their review:

Now, is [the ad’s steaming pile of Christmas-related poop puns] slightly juvenile and decidedly gross? Sure it is. But those very elements guarantee that the video sticks in the mind and gets passed through social media like … well, never mind that.

And unlike a lot of branded content that goes viral, Poo-Pourri’s video is not a random collection of crap that has nothing to do with the product. The genius of it is the awful jokes spell out exactly why you need the product. In other words, viewers might be thinking, “Oh my God, that’s gross and stupid,” but they’re also thinking, “I’ve been in that exact situation. I need to buy this.”

Now they did call the jokes awful (I disagree), but the point is they’re not too awful if they convince people to buy. Remember this little factoid? Before Poo-Pourri’s first video they did 10 million in sales annually, since then they do around 30 million in sales. Doesn’t sound too awful to me.