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Ackermania’s viral ad for Poo~Pourri has been viewed over 50 million times and shared over 1.3 million times. The ad generated more than just views and news; it generated a 13,000% increase to website traffic and tripled yearly revenue. Before the video, Poo~Pourri was a $10 million/year company; Poo~Pourri reached $30 million/year after the campaign.

Engaging Viral Videos that Drive Real Results

What We do

Effective marketing demands two things: education and entertainment. Video is the best medium to deliver both.


Ackermania develops creative concepts for video marketing. Whether you need one video that educates people about your product or a web series that keeps your customers engaged, Ackermania has ideas.


Don’t waste a good concept on a bad writer. Ackermania’s award-winning writing can make a boring product or taboo topic the hero of an entertaining video, all while convincing customers to take action.


Don’t waste a good script on a bad director. From casting to editing, Ackermania is a video production company that produces videos with a personal touch and visual flare unmatched in the world of online video marketing.


Ackermania has been recognized by national and industry publications as a leader in viral video marketing.

What’s been said about Ackermania

We decided we wanted a video for our startup juice company. We needed one that would not only get noticed but actually create sales. Joel Ackerman was the name that kept coming everywhere we turned.
They (Joel and Matt) made the whole process from concept to production super-smooth and easy. Working with the Ackermans has been a fantastic experience all the way around… every single person on their team is a true pro.
But the real proof is in the end product – the video they produced for us was far more than we could’ve hoped for.
Luke Jaten, Zuma Juice

Ackerman creates viral YouTube videos for brands, using bright visuals, playfully subversive humor, and strategically chosen factoids that make the content highly entertaining, not to mention shareable.
Omar Akhtar, DMN

Poo~Pourri has all you want in a marketing video production: a clear and engaging presentation of the problem (embarrassingly smelly poo, especially in public places) as well as an excellent summary of the spray-before-you-go solution. Instead of a expensive CGI demo, they opt to have the actress simply show us some fairly straightforward diagrams while on the throne. Classic.
Before the video, Poo~Pourri was a $10 million/year company; since creating YouTube ad, Poo-Pourri figures to do $30 million annually in sales. The brand hasn’t stopped there. It has created a number of follow-up videos.
Stephen Conley, Gisteo

Joel is a unique and talented artist who knows the zeitgeist of YouTube. Joel’s knack for developing and writing content that not only entertains, but converts to action, is second to none.
Jeff Davis, Orabrush

Joel’s style is like Woody Allen meeting David Ogilvy. He combines entertainment with marketing, and it’s all carefully wrapped into a solid business objective.
Gareth Davies, Word Tracker

Finally, Toilet Marketing That Isn’t a Load of Crap I’m absolutely in love with the advertising from Poo~Pourri.
Ken Wheaton, AdAge

(Ackermania) has focused on the humor of these relate-able real life scenarios – as absurd as they may seem – with scattered hints of promotion.
The video serves multiple purposes, such as:
Traffic increase (because of associated links to the PooPourri site)
Social media storm (because…umm…did you watch the video?!)
Brand identity differentiation (instantly separates their brand from any competitior by a long shot)

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